Attractions include:
Talks given by participants and visiting
Plant and Book sales.
Meet like-minded people in a pleasant social
Price includes two nights accommodation in
en-suite single rooms, all meals and
refreshments, and wine with the two evening
Total cost (inc. VAT) £230
There is a bar offering real ale (much liked by
many cactophiles!).
Leicester Botanic Gardens is near to the
Klaasen Pterocactus.jpg
The Cactus Explorers Club
An informal group for cactus enthusiasts
The 14th annual
Cactus Explorers Club Meeting
is booked for August 2019 at Leicester University

You are invited to attend the Cactus Explorers Club Weekend. Stamford Court Conference Centre at
Leicester University Halls of Residence has been booked for the weekend of
16th - 18th August 2019.
Regular attendees have received their invitation already.
Overseas speakers will be Zlatko Janeba (Czech Republic) and Thomas Guerry (France) and there will be
many more talks from UK explorers.
If you would like to attend, please contact Graham Charles at the address below:
The Cactus Explorers Club, Briars Bank, Fosters Bridge, Ketton, Stamford, PE9 3BF England
We hold an annual residential weekend meeting
which anyone interested is welcome to attend.
The meeting for 2019 is now arranged.