The Tephrocactus Study Group
The Journal of Small Opuntias
The Tephrocactus Study Group (TSG) was
established in the early 1990s as a study group
for small opuntias, particularly those from South
America, as defined in the excellent booklet on
the subgenus
Tephrocactus by Leighton-Boyce
and Iliff (1973). The aim was to exchange
information about cultivation and propagation,
sharing photographs and exchanging spare
plants. An annual face-to-face meeting was also
held, hosted by Rene Geissler at Slimbridge.
The information exchange was originally by
personal correspondence between the few
original members (a ‘Round Robin’ was
established) but as the membership grew (ten
paid up members by November 1994) the need
for a more formal ‘Newsletter’ was recognised.
This resulted in the first issue of the new format
‘Journal’ (Volume 1, Number 1) in December
1994. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 were issued during
1995. From 1996, four issues were published
each year, usually in March, June, September and
At the annual meeting in August 1997, attended
by 15 people, it was decided that a more formal
structure was needed. The following were elected:
Chairman Alan Hill, Secretary Rene Geissler,
Treasurer Alan Welsh, Editor/Publisher Tony
Higuera, Sub Editors Bill Jackson and Roger
The ‘Journal’ went from strength to strength
with much interesting discussion and the
extensive use of colour photographs and
continued up until Volume 18 Number 4 dated
December 2012. Alan Hill and Bill Jackson
became co-editors during 1999, with Alan Hill
taking the lead in 2002.

The hard-copy ‘Journal’ ceased with this final
issue but discussion continued online through the
TSG website and an online Volume 19 Yearbook
for 2014 was produced.

The TSG continues today with:

= An Annual Meeting held in Coddington,
Newark, each May.
= A website

Further information can be obtained from the
Chairman, Tony Roberts
or the Secretary, John Betteley
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TSG Editions 1 to 19