An occasional Mammillaria newsletter
The late David Hunt, well known for his studies of
the genus
Mammillaria, had been publishing
occasional notes about the genus for many years.
He agreed to make them available to a wider
audience through the
Cactus Explorer.
The original editions, called Mammillaria
, were published from 1989 as A5
printed booklets intended to provide supplementary
information for users of David’s
A new Review of
Mammillaria names.
That review was originally
published in the
Journal of the Mammillaria Society
(1968–75) and then, after further modification, the
second version appeared in
Bradleya (1983–87).
This latter version was also made available as a
reprint in a single volume.
David used a drawing of Huitzilopochtli, the
Aztec God of the Sun and War, as a mast-head, a
name made familiar to us by his naming of a
Mammillaria after the Aztec deity.Then, after a gap
of 10 years, following the publication of the 8th
edition of
Mammillaria Postscripts in 1999, the new
on-line journal
Huitzilopochtlia appeared. The gap
is understandable, bearing in mind all the work
David put into editing and publishing
The New
Cactus Lexicon
There were 10 editions published with sequential
page numbering. I am grateful to David for
agreeing to me putting his writings on the Cactus
Explorer website as free downloads.

Happy reading!
Graham Charles
Huitzilopochtlii 1 cover.jpg
Huitz 10 example.jpg
Download the
New Editions 1 to 10
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ISSN 9733